Job Opening

Technical Manager

Job Industry Computer Software
Job Type Full-Time
Experience Level Mid-Senior Level
Date Posted 2021-07-22
Job Location Cebu City
Work-from-Home/Telecommute Offered
Company Information Reeracoen Philippines
Job Description ➢ Support to design from scratch a web-based application using best technology (and the like). ➢ Review overview of system design for meet to system requirements. ➢ Support to establish testing standards and infrastructure to perform testing procedures. ➢ Supervise technical leader and project teams from technical side and help them maintain their quality of service and output by reviewing their process and providing constructive feedback. ➢ Respond to inquiries from other division regarding initial or ongoing technical support service request. ➢ Serve technical liaison between technical leaders and CTO and other division stakeholder. ➢ Support to training new and existing employees with Technical Trainings, and support to improve training curriculum. ➢ Provide technical guidance and coaching to technical leader for code review or support code review. ➢ Full cooperation with HR team in the Hiring Process eg: technical interview, exam checking and identifying start date. ➢ Evaluate Technical Leader in technical side. ➢ Provide advanced technical support to analysts of all products and systems ➢ Support proposal activities as technical consulting ➢ Investigate the latest technology trends according to the organization's technology strategy. ➢ Feedback to formulate / implement education / improvement plans by based on result of investigating the latest technology trends
Job Qualifications ➢ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related discipline
➢ A strong background in troubleshooting and technology support
➢ Self-motivated and able to manage workload efficiently and effectively.
➢ Have managed at least 10 employees for at least 6 years.
➢ Completed Project Management Professional Certification by PMI is of great advantage
➢ Strong leadership Skills – to motivate division members
➢ The Ability to establish strong trust - To get trust from client and each project members through themself everyday behavior.Excellent Technical Abilities
➢ Adaptability To New Technology - Never give up as technical to solve issues, and excellent technical skills to be able to suggest an ideal system for dealing with client requirements, and must support team members to implement the system. and support Technical Leader who will do same action.
➢ Formulate a excellent technology strategy - Based on customer trends and technology trends, we will formulate policies and criteria for selecting required technologies.
➢ Decision-making - Must be accountable for every decision that they make and also be willing to take responsibility for the results of their decisions
➢ Problem solving Skills - Manage staff problems and daily operations problems, which requires them to have excellent problem-solving skills
➢ Excellent management skills - Selection, supervision, motivation and evaluation of team members, scheduling and planning of workflow, developing policies and procedures, measuring and documenting results for a group or department, solving problems, and leading and motivating employees.
➢ Strong Communication Skills - Need strong verbal communication skills to act as a liaison between staff and upper management by answering questions, providing guidance, and making suggestions regarding business sales and operations
➢ A strong work ethic - Must have a belief that work and doing a good job are valuable and morally good in themselves, regardless of the income, promotions, etc., that are earned as a result.
➢ An agreeable personality – A personality trait characterized by compassion, friendliness, politeness and empathy. be good listeners and good team players in the team.
➢ Strong stress tolerance
Compensation 150000
Compensation Range 100000 - 15000
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