Job Opening

Graphic Artist

Job Industry Design
Job Type Entrepreneural / Networking
Experience Level Entry Level
Date Posted 2020-09-08
Job Location Cebu City
Work-from-Home/Telecommute Offered
Company Information StoptheLibertards
Job Description Graphic Arts Contest!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Newly formed American Company Wants YOU!!! The best tee shirt design wins 2500php Huge Opportunity! This American company will need more work done very soon!!! Possibility for multiple winners!!! If your art gets selected, you are one of the winners and receive the full prize!!! The Rules: 1. The Concept is it can be a company logo and a shirt 2. The company markets to a political following keep this in mind for your design 3. Must contain the following main phrase “Stop the Libertards” 4. Must contain 2 American Flags minimum 5. Must contain at least one gun 6. Must contain “#SAVETHECHILDREN”. This one phrase should be done in red! 7. Must contain join us on facebook @ StopTheLibertards. Please use the facebook logo. 8. The background should be invisible to claim the prize. This means this art is like a sticker. 9. Below Use some sort of image showing a powerful image of Donald Trump 10. Below trump should say, “Get it Done” 11. Use your own creativity to make a creation within the guidelines. 12. Send your design in .jpeg format to 13. DEADLINE September, 14 2020 14. Please include STOP THE LIBERTARDS CONTEST in the subject 15. Please include name and contact info. If you have messenger it’s a plus. We want to be able to reach out to you to be able to pay the winner. 16. There is a minimum of 100 contestants needed to activate this contest so spread the word please!
Job Qualifications No special requirements other than the talent and skill it takes to be the winner.
Compensation 2500php
Number of Job Opening 1
How to apply to this job Submit your design. This will act as a resume.

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