Job Opening

Audit Assistant

Job Industry Food Production
Job Type Full-Time
Experience Level Associate
Date Posted 2020-07-20
Job Location Mandaue City, Cebu
Company Information Pizza Pedricos Food Corp.
Mandaue City, Mandaue
Job Description 1. Performs audit activities on equipment, raw materials, finished products such as toppings and dry goods; 2. Maintains records on daily usage versus produce products, dough – rejects; 3. Prepares documentations and reports regarding audit results in dough – reject products, production usage of raw materials, finished products, supplies, and equipment; 4. Conducts physical counting on finished goods, raw materials, sample or for sale products, dough – rejects and product return for disposal; 5. Monitors warehouse daily transactions such as plant transfer on finished goods and warehouse daily total product released; 6. Monitors warehouse daily ending inventory of finished goods versus the beginning inventory of the following day; 7. Prepares documentations and reports regarding physical count versus system count; 8. Monitors and maintains daily documents on supplies request issuance slip and materials request issuance slip; 9. Prepares weekly reports regarding audit activities in plant and warehouse; 10. Prepares documentations and reports regarding audit operations and communicates audit findings to management; 11. Performs related tasks as may be assigned from time to time.
Job Qualifications 1. A graduate of accountancy, AB mathematics, engineering, commerce, banking and finance, business management or any related courses;
2. Preferably with at least one (1) year experience as an auditor in a corporate environment or equivalent professional practice;
3. Proficient in basic computer programs(word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software and internet navigation and email);
4. Proficient in written and communication skills;
5. Excellent decision making, problem solving, and analytical skills;
6. Highly organized and has an eye for detail;
7. Self-motivated and hardworking;
8. High credible and trustworthy;
9. Strict in implementing of rules, regulations, and policies
10. Positive personal values and strong work ethic.
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